Mrs. Cheek would like to Congratulate the Schley County High School’s Future Business Leaders of America chapter for being named the “Sweepstakes Region Champion” with having the most overall wins in region while competing against 18 other schools. The chapter also received first place in region for the largest local chapter membership with 79 members. 

The region winners are picture according to the events they competed in and 24 of them will be advancing to the state competition.

Accounting 1:  Connor Rhyne-first place; advanced to state

Business Calculations:  Connor Rhyne 1st, Gracie Arrington 2nd, Ty Grace 7th (all advancing to state)

Business Communications: Amelia Harnage 1st, Harper Bishop 4th, Gracie Arrington 8th, Brenna Jacobs 10th (all advancing to state)

Economics: Carson Westbrook 6th, Mary DeLoach 7th, Brenna Jacobs 8th, Wyatt James 9th, Amelia Harnage 10th (all advancing to state)

Introduction to Business Communication: Emmalyn Snyder 1st, Laney Dew 2nd, Emma Arrington 3rd, Emma Stembridge 4th, Audrey Morrow 6th, Leila Stembridge 7th, Kate Gill 8th, Byrnley Kelley 9th (all advancing to state)

Introduction to Business Procedures: Taryn Jacobs 3rd, Carson Speegle 4th, Adalyn Taylor 5th (all advancing to state)

Word Processing: Laura Lee Bush 1st advancing to state

Introduction to Financial Math: Nathaniel Pursell 1st, Brynley Kelley 2nd, Audrey Morrow 3rd, Brody Elliott 3th, Emma Arrington 5th, Emmalyn Snyder 6th, Laney Dew 7th, Carson Speegle 8th, Emma Stembridge 10th (all advancing to state)

Personal Finance: Carson Westbrook 3rd, Gage Cook 4th, Mary DeLoach 7th, Leila Stembridge 9th, Eli Grace 10th (all advancing to state)

Hospitality and Event Management: Harper Bishop, Abbie Cheek, Ava Cook 1st place team

Introduction to Information Technology: Nathaniel Pursell 1st, Parth Patel 2nd (both advancing to state)

Sports and Entertainment Management: Hank Arrington, Rylan Conner, Ty Grace 3rd place team