K. Hicks

In an effort to promote the spirit of goodwill and compassion for others, The Principal of Schley County Middle High School takes great pleasure in presenting the Schley County Meritorious Conduct Award to Kamari Hicks for an exceptional display of kindness and generosity towards a fellow student.

It was brought to Kamari’s attention that one of her peers needed school supplies. Out of the goodness of her heart, Kamari voluntarily gifted her fellow student school supplies without any prompt from a teacher or any desire to be paid back for her kindness. This action exhibits her total dedication to a high standard of virtue and respect towards all.

Kamari’s initiative, unselfishness, and extraordinary level of integrity reflects great credit upon herself, and her family. Her act of kindness is an inspiration to all students of the sixth grade and is considered in keeping with highest traditions of Schley County Middle High School.