Senior Superlatives
Senior Superlatives
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

2018-2019 Senior Superlatives

  • Most Likely to be your boss:  Noah Hammons and Laura Leigh McMichael
  • Most Wildcat Spirit: Ma'Myron Clayton and Maddie Hall
  • Most Athletic: Dart Napper and Emily Campbell
  • Most Creative: Landon Ferrill and Avery Clements
  • Biggest Transformation: Cade Powell and Madison Bennett
  • Biggest Drama Queen/King: Chandler McAllister and Lily Corbin
  • Most Memorable: Lucas Sellers and Cydney Smith
  • Most likely to be President: Gage Hart and Madison Sellars
  • Class Clown: Lorne Barineau and Aejela Sims
  • Most Clever Personality: Richie Quiroz and Jesse Westbury
  • World Traveler: BJ Barnhill and Cati Greene
  • Most Ladylike/Gentlemanly: Ethan Shufflebarger and Candice Wiggins