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Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 4 months ago

The Schley County School System is hiring full-time and substitute School Bus Drivers. Applicants must have (or be able to obtain) a CDL with endorsements, required by the State of Georgia. For more information, contact Tee Reddish at (229) 937-0550.

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, about 13 hours ago

Packets for the week of April 13 - 17 will be available for pick up tomorrow (Friday April 10th) AFTER 3:00 P.M.. Instructions for each grade level are below. As a reminder, these packets are intended ONLY for the students who's parents have made contact with their teacher. Those arrangements are vital so that we ensure those students that have made teacher contact receive their packets. Thank you for your cooperation. Distance Learning Packet Instructions Kindergarten Packets · ALL Kindergarten students will need to pick-up a Packet the week of April 6th. · This packet will be used for the next 3 weeks. · All Kindergarten packets are the same for all students. · Kindergarten students next packet will need to be picked up on Friday, April 24th at the pick-up location. · If students/Parents are unable to take pictures of work and send to teachers, there is a Kindergarten Drop-Off box located at the drop off point. · If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your student’s teacher. First Grade Packets · ALL First Grade Students will need to pick up the workbooks from the Pick-up Location the week of April 6th. · Beginning Week 2 April 13th, only students who have made contact with their child’s teacher will need to pick up packets. · These students will need to pick up packets weekly. · Packets will remain in the tubs throughout the week until it is replaced with a new packet. · Remember, to only pick-up your child’s packet. · If you need to turn in work, there will be a First Grade Drop-Off Box located at the Drop -Off Point. · If you need a packet or have a question, please contact your child’s teacher. 2nd-5th Grade Packet · Only students/parents that have made contact with their child’s teacher will need to pick up packets weekly · Packets will be available the Friday before the beginning of each week after 3:00. Weekly Packets will remain in the tubs until picked up or replaced with new packets for the new week. · Remember, to only pick-up your child’s packet. · If work needs to be turned I, there will be a tub for each grade level at the Drop Off point. · If you need to request a packet or have questions, please email your child’s teacher.

David Bond

David Bond, about 19 hours ago

Students with district laptops can receive tech support on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM at the front of the middle/high school.


SCE, 3 days ago

SCE is supporting our local front line health care workers by 3D printing surgical face mask extenders. Having to wear masks all day tends to aggravate the ears, and wearing an extender relieves the pull of the elastic on one’s ears. SCE loves and appreciates each of our health care workers! Our 3D printer is a part of our technology and robotics program. Mrs. Jones is challenging her “Tinkercad” students to create an even better extender! view image

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