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Jodie Leeder

Jodie Leeder, 3 days ago

3rd grade students in Mrs. Waller's class just completed a Rocks and Minerals Science unit. To reinforce what was learned throughout the unit, students created the three types of rocks using Starburst candy. Students began by stacking three Starbursts together forming layers, or Sedimentary rock. Afterwards, students covered the layers in tinfoil and applied pressure which changed the shape and created a Metamorphic rock. Finally, students placed their rocks in a toaster oven. Once the rocks melted and cooled, they were able to see an example of what an Igneous rock looks like. Students enjoyed seeing the transformations of the different types of rocks and identifying the changes that occurred to their candy. view image

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 4 days ago

Our 3rd graders are excited to bring you their program tomorrow (Tuesday) night! The program will begin at 6:00 in the ES gym. We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow night at 6:00!

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 7 days ago

Just in time for Christmas!!! The faculty and staff of SCE will be selling bed sheets until December 2nd. These sheets are 1,800 thread count and will be delivered by 12/13. If you are in need of some bed sheets or want to give them as a Christmas gift, please see any member of the SCE staff to purchase your set! The are also available for sale in the office. view image

Tee Reddish

Tee Reddish, 10 days ago

Our 3rd grade program will be held on Tuesday 11/19 at 6:00 P.M. in the ES gym.

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